Archive: February, 2015

The future of Photography

Photography is a fast moving technology. Even when film was the only medium for cameras, keeping up with the new advances (or at least the new equipment) was difficult if not impossible. Once photography evolved into digital, the market exploded. Everything became easier. You could see you photo right away, no waiting days for developing. […]

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Why 3D?

3D is changing the way we see and understand things. Whether visually or tangibly, products or ideas are created on the computer and rendered to an exact specification. But why? And what was wrong with the previous methods? There are many advantages: You can be much more precise with how things are presented, especially in […]

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What is 3D Printing?

What is 3D printing? At first glance you could just say “Oh, you just print something out from the computer”. It is of course much more complex. We see the stories quite a bit in the news heralding new innovations like beingĀ able to print a kidney in the not so distant future. How it’s actually […]

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