Why 3D?

3D is changing the way we see and understand things. Whether visually or tangibly, products or ideas are created on the computer and rendered to an exact specification. But why? And what was wrong with the previous methods? There are many advantages:

  • You can be much more precise with how things are presented, especially in moving graphics that change perspective.
  • It is easier to make changes to designs which promotes creative modifications during the process.
  • Some things can’t be shown practically or feasibly because of the fact that things no longer exist. For example showing where a bridge used to be across a canyon. Once created it can be shown from different angles by aligning it with other existing photos.
  • It may just be a drawing or idea that needs to be conveyed to consumersĀ or investors.
  • Flaws can be easily removed, fixed or re-engineered.

When creating something in 3D everything you see on the screen has to be created. Every line, dot, color. Represented as shading, transparency, reflection, diffusion and lighting, it takes more effort to create but in the long run you have something that can be reused and modified easily and repeatably.

Software is making more of this possible and as it gets better and we learn more, differentiating between reality and what we can create on a computer becomes indistinguishable. Creating with 3D is here to stay.

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